February 25, 2024


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New Ja Morant Club Video Surfaces

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New Ja Morant Club Video Surfaces

New Ja Morant Club Video Surfaces

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant is spending some of his offseason in the Dominican Republic, where he was recently seen partying at a club

While some fans have been critical of Morant choosing to party at the club after his incidents that occurred last season, there’s nothing wrong with the Grizzlies star having fun in a safe way during the summer months. It’s incredibly common for players to party at the club both in the offseason and during the regular season, and it’s very rarely an issue.

New Ja Morant Club Video Surfaces

For Morant, the only reason an outing like this is being shared on social media, is because of the reaction it gets from those who believe he shouldn’t be seen in this setting. While it’s understandable to have concerns about his behavior following two gun video incidents, this is not the first time Morant has gone out since those incidents, and it’s likely he now has a very strong understanding of what not to do while out.

Zach Randolph Reveals Conversation With Ja Morant

Memphis Grizzlies legend Zach Randolph recently revealed a conversation with Ja Morant

Speaking with Fox 13 News, Memphis Grizzlies legend Zach Randolph revealed a conversation he had with Ja Morant, saying, “I talked to Ja, he’s good. He’s in a good space right now. He’s just ready to get back out there and get with his guys, get with his teammates, and get back on the court.”

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This was great to hear, because updates on Morant have been limited since the Grizzlies star began using social media less frequently. A Grizzlies legend like Randolph connecting with Morant is also great to hear, because it shows the community and culture that exists in Memphis and that organization.

As Randolph revealed from his conversation with Morant, the star point guard is ready to get back with his teammates. He will have to of course serve a 25-game suspension before being able to do that, but it’s encouraging to hear that

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