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Gabriel Landeskog Out of the Lineup For The Entire Season and Colorado Avalanche in-depth look at Jonathan Drouin

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Gabriel Landeskog Out of the Lineup For The Entire Season and Colorado Avalanche in-depth look at Jonathan Drouin. Jonathan Drouin: A Rejuvenation Story for the Colorado Avalanche’s Top Line

As the Colorado Avalanche gear up for the 2023-24 NHL season, they are faced with the challenge of navigating their roster without captain Gabriel Landeskog, who will be sidelined for the entire season. However, armed with this strategic insight, the Avalanche have strategically reshaped their roster to mount a formidable campaign for yet another championship title. In this comprehensive series, we delve into the notable additions to the Avalanche roster, beginning with Jonathan Drouin.

A Decade of NHL Experience:

Jonathan Drouin enters his milestone 10th season in the NHL, bringing a wealth of experience to the Colorado Avalanche. Drafted as the 3rd overall pick by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, Drouin’s journey intersects intriguingly with that of his new teammate, Nathan MacKinnon, the 1st overall pick by the Avalanche. Drouin’s exceptional performance in the QMJHL, culminating in numerous accolades during the 2012-2013 season, set the stage for his professional career.

Gabriel Landeskog Out of the Lineup For The Entire Season and Colorado Avalanche in-depth look at Jonathan Drouin

A Journey Through Challenges and Triumphs:

Drouin’s tenure with the Tampa Bay Lightning spanned three seasons, with a setback during his second season due to an injury that limited his NHL appearances. A pivotal moment arrived when Drouin rejoined the Lightning during the 2015-16 season, contributing to their playoff push. Subsequently, a trade to the Montreal Canadiens marked the beginning of a six-season chapter in his career.

The Montreal Chapter:

While with the Canadiens, Drouin encountered hurdles in the form of injuries, impacting his availability on the ice. He has not completed a full season since 2018-2019, participating in just 163 games over the past four seasons. The Colorado Avalanche’s decision to sign Drouin to a one-year contract, valued at $825,000, reflects a calculated risk, banking on his potential to recapture the brilliance that defined his early years.

A New Beginning with the Avalanche:

Chris MacFarland, a key figure in the Avalanche’s management, holds a positive outlook on Drouin’s prospects within the team. MacFarland’s belief in Drouin’s synergy with fellow skilled players fuels the anticipation for a revitalized performance. Expected to slot into the top line alongside MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen, Drouin aims to rekindle his past chemistry with MacKinnon and leverage Rantanen’s exceptional partnership with MacKinnon.

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Navigating Challenges and Setting New Benchmarks:

Drouin’s journey toward rejuvenation is akin to scaling Mount Everest, a formidable endeavor that demands exceptional dedication. The Colorado Avalanche is committed to affording Drouin ample opportunities to flourish once again. The challenge entails achieving career-defining statistics and sustaining good health for the long term. A closer look reveals that Drouin’s career average time on ice (ATOI) of 16:08 falls short of the 19:25 ATOI enjoyed by Landeskog. Additionally, Drouin’s goal-scoring record and assist contributions suggest untapped potential.

Jonathan Drouin’s arrival heralds a new chapter for the Colorado Avalanche, one rich with possibilities for both player and team. As the Avalanche embark on their journey through the 2023-24 season, Drouin’s integration into the top line promises an electrifying partnership with MacKinnon and Rantanen. While challenges lie ahead, the Avalanche’s history of transforming players into superstars suggests that Drouin’s renaissance is well within reach. By harnessing his skills and rekindling his past successes, Drouin has the potential to propel the Avalanche’s top line to new heights, making them a formidable contender throughout the season.

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