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Rafael Nadal’s new plan revealed his return to the courts, the future, the Games

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Rafael Nadal’s new plan revealed his return to the courts, the future, the Games

The world of sports continues to count down the days to see one of the best players in history on a tennis court again. Rafael Nadal, who was injured on January 18, 2023 in the second round of the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year, continues his recovery process to face what may possibly be his last season as a professional. 

The injury to the iliopsoas was more serious than expected and this was confirmed by the Manacorí in an interview: ” In Australia I had a big breakdown, I tore the tendon a little bit .” For this reason, Rafa does not want to take risks in his recovery and took some time to rest and disconnect to treat this problem in the best way and return with the best possible sensations to a tennis court. 

At first, his goal was to reach Roland Garros this year, but the circumstances and severity of the injury caused him to definitively give up his most fetish tournament: “This year I will not be able to be at Roland Garros and “You can imagine how difficult it is for me ,” Rafa explained. Furthermore, in that press conference there were even fears of a possible definitive retirement for the Spaniard : “They have been really difficult years, although they are masked by important victories.”

The illusion of competing 

Despite the difficulties he has had throughout his career with countless injuries, Rafa does not give up and wants to finish his career in a big way. His last few months on the court have been like a breath of fresh air in his physical, playing and, above all, emotional state. The Manacorí could be seen happy, excited and preparing for the new 2024 season. 

Although the old ghosts of retirement continue to haunt the Spaniard’s thoughts, Nadal has changed the ‘chip’ and leaves the door open to compete beyond 2024 : “I said that possibly 2024 will be my last year. I maintain it, but I can’t do it confirm 100%. I think there is a good chance that yes, because I know how my body is, but how I will be in four months I don’t know. I am open to the future , “he added in an interview with Juanma Castaño on Movistar Plus +. 

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The Australian Open and the Paris 2024 Games

After a few months of preparation training three days a week for 40 minutes and alternating it with “a lot of gym”, Rafa Nadal’s next goal is the first Grand Slam of 2024 . There are just over two months left for the champion of 92 titles to return to a tennis court. “He wants to come back. If everything goes well he will return at the Australian Open ,” added Toni Nadal, uncle of the Balearic tennis player. 

Another of the great events for this coming year is the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, a great incentive that could put the finishing touch to a wonderful career that has lasted for more than 21 seasons, debuting at just 15 years and 330 days in the ATP of Mallorca . The current world number two in the ranking, Carlitos Alcaraz, spoke about the possibility of forming a couple with Rafa in the next Olympic event: “It would be a dream, although there are many months left and many things can happen ,” added the Murcian. 

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