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Nick Kyrgios’ incredible confession about Rafa Nadal shakes the ATP

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Nick Kyrgios’ incredible confession about Rafa Nadal shakes the ATP. Kyrgios and his analysis of Djokovic, Nadal and Federer: Three legends and a controversial point of view

Nick Kyrgios , one of the most controversial personalities in the world of tennis , offered his views on Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer, the acclaimed ‘Big 3’ of men’s tennis. In an interview with the no less controversial Mike Tyson, Kyrgios did not bite his tongue and offered his honest opinion about each of these elite tennis players.

Djokovic, in Kyrgios’ words, “is the best of all time.” However, the Australian tennis player also noted that he feels the Serb is being denied the recognition he truly deserves, despite his impressive Grand Slam record. It’s an opinion that undoubtedly sparks debate in the tennis world, where comparisons between these big three are frequent and often divisive.

Nick Kyrgios’ incredible confession about Rafa Nadal

Memorable clashes and Federer’s shadow

When talking about Rafa Nadal, Kyrgios recalled their confrontations, recognizing that, despite having beaten him on occasions, he has also suffered defeats against the Mallorcan. But when it comes to Roger Federer, things change. Kyrgios admitted that facing the Swiss can be a daunting experience. Federer, with his grace on the court and his immense popularity, could make any opponent feel the pressure of the crowd.

Kyrgios confessed that, for him, Federer was the most challenging opponent . Although he recognizes Djokovic’s greatness, there is something about Federer’s game that made it particularly difficult for the Australian. One of the moments that Kyrgios stands out in his career is his victory over Federer at the Madrid Masters in 2015.

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Iconic moments and nights before big battles

However, there were also less professional moments. The tennis player recalled one particular night when he was in a pub until the early hours of the morning, just before facing Nadal at Wimbledon. Although he ultimately lost that match, Kyrgios made it clear that his lifestyle and decisions off the court are as bold as his play on it.

Nick Kyrgios’ career has been full of ups and downs, shining moments and controversies. Although he has not always been the favorite of the public or the press, his sincerity and his ability on the court make him an unavoidable figure in the world of tennis. His perspective on the ‘Big 3’, and in particular Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, offers a fresh and honest view on these giants of the white sport.

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