June 14, 2024


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NASCAR fans react to Chase Elliott’s latest livery

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NASCAR fans react to Chase Elliott’s latest livery

NASCAR fans react to Chase Elliott’s latest livery

Unveiling Chase Elliott’s Striking 2024 LLumar Films Chevrolet Camaro

Revamped Livery Dominates NASCAR Cup Series Scene

In a bold move that’s set the NASCAR community abuzz, LLumar Films has pulled back the curtain on Chase Elliott’s latest ride for the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series – the No.9 LLumar Films Chevrolet Camaro. As the illustrious winner of the NASCAR Cup Series’ Most Popular Driver Award for six consecutive years, Chase Elliott’s partnership with LLumar Films has once again given birth to a striking red livery that promises to turn heads on the racetrack.

LLumar Films: A Dominant Force Since 2018

Since 2018, LLumar Films has been the primary sponsor for Hendrick Motorsports, solidifying its presence as a powerhouse in NASCAR. With an entirely new paint scheme gracing the No.9 Chevrolet Camaro for the upcoming 2024 Cup Series, LLumar Films continues to evolve its branding while maintaining a commitment to excellence.

Fan Approval: The Pulse of NASCAR Enthusiasts

Social media platforms erupted with excitement as fans shared their opinions on the new LLumar Films livery. While a majority showered praise on the predominantly red design, a vocal minority expressed reservations about the teal blue numbers juxtaposed against the red backdrop. Calls for a change to black or white gained traction, indicating the passionate engagement of NASCAR enthusiasts with the aesthetics of their favorite driver’s ride.

NASCAR fans react to Chase Elliott’s latest l

NASCAR fans react to Chase Elliott’s latest livery

Twitter Feedback Highlights:

  • “Finally a decent looking LLumar car”
  • “The teal numbers are an eye sore. Make it white”

LLumar Films: Two Appearances in the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series

The anticipation is high as LLumar Films gears up for two appearances in the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series, although specific dates remain shrouded in mystery. This revelation follows the formal announcement of the contract extension between Hendrick Motorsports and LLumar Films in June 2023, securing LLumar Films’ status as the major sponsor for the No. 9 Chevrolet Camaro until 2026.

Kelley Blue Book Returns: Nostalgia and Familiarity on the Track

In a delightful twist, Kelley Blue Book, a longstanding sponsor of Chase Elliott since his debut, will make a comeback for two races in the 2024 season. The No.9 Chevrolet Camaro will proudly sport the Kelley Blue Book logo at Talladega Superspeedway in October and Phoenix Raceway in March.

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Distinctive Details: Hendrick Motorsports 40th Anniversary Logo

While the overall paint scheme for the Kelley Blue Book-sponsored races remains largely unchanged, fans will spot the unique Hendrick Motorsports 40th anniversary logo on the C-post, adding a touch of nostalgia to the familiar blue and white design.

Twitter Nostalgia:

  • “I miss the old KBB paint schemes. They were some of my favorites on track.”

Looking Ahead: Hendrick Motorsports’ 2024 Paint Scheme Lineup

Despite varying fan preferences, the blue and white paint scheme, a hallmark of Hendrick Motorsports, stands strong for the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series. With two confirmed paint schemes, LLumar Films and Kelley Blue Book, the Hendrick Motorsports stable is poised to make a visual impact on the racing circuit.

In conclusion, the unveiling of Chase Elliott’s 2024 LLumar Films Chevrolet Camaro signifies more than just a new livery – it’s a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of NASCAR’s visual landscape. As fans eagerly await the roar of engines and screech of tires, the vibrant colors and iconic designs promise to elevate the racing experience to new heights.

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