February 25, 2024


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Max is on another level’ He amazes DTM team boss during the…

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Max is on another level' He amazes DTM team boss during the...

Max is on another level’ He amazes DTM team boss during the…

Max Verstappen, the three-time Formula 1 World Champion, recently made headlines during the winter break by veering away from the F1 track to test his skills in the DTM series in Portugal. This unexpected move raised eyebrows and caught the attention of DTM enthusiasts and racing aficionados alike. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable experience and explore how Max Verstappen showcased his prowess in the GT3 world.

Verstappen’s DTM Adventure

The Unveiling of a New Challenge

In an unconventional move, Verstappen traded his Formula 1 car for a Ferrari 296 GT3 in Portugal, accompanied by Thierry Vermeulen, son of his manager, Raymond Vermeulen. The duo spent two intense days navigating the Algarve International Circuit in Portimao, setting the stage for the upcoming 2024 season.

Max is on another level’ He amazes DTM team boss during the…

Team Support and Performance Enhancement

Max’s Impact on Team Dynamics

Team Boss Frey-Hilti revealed, “The goal of the test with Max was to support Thierry and improve our performance using Max’s feedback.” Both Verstappen and Vermeulen diligently drove around 100 kilometers on the first day, experimenting with various settings. Frey-Hilti expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Verstappen, emphasizing the invaluable insights gained during the testing phase.

Vermeulen’s DTM Venture

Driving Under Verstappen.COM Racing Colors

Thierry Vermeulen is set to enter the DTM class for Emil Frey Racing in 2024, driving under the banner of Verstappen.COM Racing. This strategic move is not merely coincidental, as Vermeulen is under the tutelage of Max Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen.

Impressions Beyond the Track

Verstappen’s Personality and Skill Beyond the Cockpit

Frey-Hilti shared his off-track impressions of Verstappen, noting, “It’s wonderful to see how much passion he has for motorsport and what he has achieved.” The Team Boss emphasized that Verstappen’s feedback, even in a GT3 car, surpassed expectations and showcased a level of expertise unparalleled in the racing world.

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A Different Level of Performance

Verstappen’s Dominance in the GT3 Arena

Despite the marked differences between Formula 1 and GT3 cars, Verstappen seamlessly adapted to the new environment. Frey-Hilti marveled at Verstappen’s immediate impact, stating, “In the first flying lap, he was right there. If you look at the onboard images and the data, it’s very impressive how he handles the car, how quickly he adapts, and always squeezes the maximum out of it.”

A Unique Approach to Car Development

Max’s Contribution to Car Development

Frey-Hilti acknowledged Verstappen’s brilliance in car development, asserting, “In terms of car development, he’s brilliant. The car is different from an F1 car, but physics works the same everywhere. Max’ input helps a lot when we test different settings. This helps Thierry and the team a lot.” Verstappen’s ability to transfer his skills across different racing platforms proved instrumental in refining the GT3 car’s performance.

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