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‘Best day ever’ for Texas girl who wished to meet the Colorado Avalanche

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‘Best day ever’ for Texas girl who wished to meet the Colorado Avalanche

‘Best day ever’ for Texas girl who wished to meet the Colorado Avalanche

Denver, Colorado – Monday marked a chilly morning outside Ball Arena, but for 12-year-old Jackie Bateman from Texas, it was the warmest welcome possible. In collaboration with the Make-A-Wish foundation, Jackie’s dream of meeting the Colorado Avalanche came true, turning a cold day into the “best day ever.”

A Memorable Welcome

The day kicked off with Jackie and her family receiving a generous gift bag filled with Avs gear, including the coveted “big chain.” The excitement was palpable as team community representatives guided them through the morning skate, with Jackie enjoying a front-row seat on the team’s bench and fist-bumping players.

Behind-the-Scenes Access

The highlight of the day was when Jackie and her family were ushered inside the Avalanche locker room. The 12-year-old, full of enthusiasm, took on the role of an interviewer, engaging in a conversation with forward Jonathan Drouin. Her insightful question, “How do you beat the Bruins?” was followed by a personal touch, sharing details about her journey, including stitches from brain surgery two years ago.

‘Best day ever’ for Texas girl who wished to meet the Colorado Avalanche.

A Triumph Over Adversity

Jackie’s story is one of resilience. Diagnosed with a brain tumor, she underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Her mother, Vicki, provided a current update on her health, stating, “She is currently in remission.”

Magical Moments with the Team

The joyous encounters continued as Jackie met various players, each interaction filled with short conversations and photo opportunities. The pinnacle of her day was meeting her favorite player, Nathan MacKinnon. Overwhelmed with excitement, Jackie declared it the “best day ever” as MacKinnon not only took a photo but also signed a stick for her.

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An Unforgettable Surprise

The Avalanche went above and beyond by presenting Jackie with a team-signed jersey, hanging in her own locker within the Avalanche locker room. Overwhelmed with emotion, Jackie and her mom expressed their gratitude, with Vicki describing the experience as “indescribable” and emotional.

From Locker Room to Suite

The heartwarming day concluded with an Avalanche win over Boston in a shootout, witnessed by Jackie from a suite. Reflecting on the day, Vicki stated, “I think this is going to stick with her for a very, very long time.”

Jackie summed up her feelings, stating, “Today means I got through cancer. I survived. And I got my wish. The most amazing day of my life.”

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