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F1 Exhibition relocates to new venue with Max Verstappen

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F1 Exhibition relocates to new venue with Max Verstappen

F1 Exhibition relocates to new venue with Max Verstappen

The Formula 1 Exhibition, a roaring success in Madrid, is set to captivate Vienna next month, with Max Verstappen’s championship-winning Red Bull car stealing the spotlight. Scheduled to open its doors on February 2nd at the expansive METAStadt Vienna, this motorsport spectacle promises a riveting experience until late spring, featuring six meticulously designed rooms sprawled across 3,000 square meters.

Vienna Welcomes Racing Glory
Austrian Formula 1 enthusiasts are in for a treat as the exhibition showcases the iconic RB16, the very machine that propelled Max Verstappen to victory in the intense 2021 title race against Lewis Hamilton. This championship-winning car played a pivotal role in the dramatic and controversial conclusion at Abu Dhabi, etching its place in F1 history.

Beyond Verstappen’s Triumph: A Multifaceted Exhibit
While Verstappen’s Red Bull takes center stage, the exhibition’s allure extends beyond, encompassing various facets of Formula 1. One standout attraction is the charred remains of Romain Grosjean’s Haas race car, a stark reminder of his fiery 2020 crash in Bahrain. The wreckage serves as a visceral testament to the inherent risks and resilience within the world of high-speed racing.

F1 Exhibition relocates to new venue with Max Verstappen

Racing Narratives: Drivers and Duels
Delving into the heart of F1 rivalries, the exhibition introduces the “drivers and duels” section. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the sport’s most iconic clashes, reliving the adrenaline-pumping moments that define these fierce competitions. It’s a journey through time, exploring the rivalries that have shaped the landscape of Formula 1.

Cinematic Moments: The Pit Wall Experience
For those craving a unique cinematic encounter, “the pit wall” beckons. This section offers visitors a front-row seat to the sport’s most memorable moments. Through a captivating cinematic experience, attendees can witness the strategic brilliance, the nail-biting decisions, and the euphoria of triumph that unfold on the pit wall during pivotal races.


Visionaries Speak: F1 Chief Executive’s Enthusiasm
Stefano Domenicali, the F1 Chief Executive, expressed his anticipation for the Vienna leg of the exhibition. He stated, “Following the success of our first Formula 1 Exhibition in Madrid, we are incredibly excited to announce Vienna as the second host of the innovative show.” Domenicali recognizes Austria’s rich history with Formula 1 and believes that the exhibition will provide fans with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the sport’s storied history and heritage.

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Curatorial Ambitions: Expanding Horizons
Timothy Harvey, the lead curator and producer of the F1 Exhibition, shared his enthusiasm for the project’s expansion. “The ambition has always been to bring this one-of-a-kind show to as many people as possible,” he remarked. With Vienna as the next destination, Harvey promises fresh displays and experiences for visitors, ensuring that the exhibition continues to evolve and captivate motorsport enthusiasts.

Conclusion: A Grand Celebration of F1 in Vienna
As Vienna prepares to host the Formula 1 Exhibition, it’s gearing up for a grand celebration of racing history and the exhilarating moments that define the sport. From Verstappen’s championship glory to the remnants of Grosjean’s fiery crash, and the immersive experiences at the pit wall, this exhibition promises to be a must-visit for both seasoned F1 aficionados and newcomers eager to witness the magic of motorsport up close. So mark your calendars, racing enthusiasts – Vienna is about to become the epicenter of Formula 1 excitement.

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