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Nick Kyrgios to get back on court with Novak Djokovic in another new tournament

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Nick Kyrgios to get back on court with Novak Djokovic in another new tournament

Nick Kyrgios to get back on court with Novak Djokovic in another new tournament

Nick Kyrgios, the former world No. 13, is set to make waves at the Australian Open despite his withdrawal from the tournament due to injury. In an unexpected twist, Kyrgios will join Novak Djokovic on Rod Laver Arena, not as a player, but as an on-site commentator and host of a new podcast. This article delves into Kyrgios’ latest endeavors and the exciting prospects of his collaboration with Djokovic.

Kyrgios’ New Role at the Australian Open: After pulling out of the Australian Open for the second consecutive year due to persistent injury setbacks, Kyrgios is embracing a fresh role. Eurosport has announced him as one of their on-site commentators for the event. Beyond commentary, Kyrgios will take center stage for the live Australian Open draw ceremony and conduct an exclusive on-court interview with Djokovic.

Nick Kyrgios to get back on court with Novak Djokovic in another new tournament

The Podcast Venture: Kyrgios is not stopping at commentary; he is venturing into the podcast realm with a series titled “Good Trouble.” This podcast, produced by Naomi Osaka’s Hana Kuma production company, promises to feature insightful interviews with tennis legends and other prominent figures. The inaugural episode will showcase Kyrgios in conversation with Djokovic, providing fans with a unique behind-the-scenes perspective.

Kyrgios’ Ambitious Lineup: The Good Trouble podcast is set to be a star-studded affair, featuring not only tennis personalities but also renowned individuals from various industries. Kyrgios’ ambitious lineup includes guests like Frances Tiafoe, Gordon Ramsay, Jemele Hill, Jay Shetty, Rainn Wilson, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Mike Tyson. The diversity in guests hints at Kyrgios’ intention to explore a broad spectrum of topics beyond the confines of tennis.

Kyrgios’ Comments on the Venture: Expressing his enthusiasm for the new venture, Kyrgios stated, “I can’t wait for the release of my new series. It’s been tough for me to sit out the last year or so, dealing with an injury, but I’ve had a lot of fun commentating and developing my own talk show. We’ve got an all-star lineup of guests for season one, and I can’t wait for everyone to check it out.”

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Osaka’s Production Company Involvement: Kyrgios’ podcast is backed by Naomi Osaka’s Hana Kuma production company, showcasing a collaboration that goes beyond the tennis court. This partnership not only highlights Osaka’s investment in diverse content creation but also underscores Kyrgios’ appeal beyond the tennis world.

Insights from Kyrgios’ Management Company: Stuart Duguid, a key figure in Kyrgios’ management company Evolve, expressed confidence in Kyrgios’ hosting abilities, stating, “From day one, we believed that Nick would be a great host. He brings a unique perspective while interviewing trailblazers from all industries that, like him, have forged their own path and consistently challenged the status quo.”

Conclusion: Nick Kyrgios’ pivot from player to commentator and podcast host adds a new layer to the Australian Open narrative. His collaboration with Novak Djokovic and the lineup of guests for the Good Trouble podcast promise a fresh and engaging perspective for tennis enthusiasts and beyond. As Kyrgios continues to redefine his role in the world of tennis, fans eagerly await the release of his podcast and the unique insights it will bring.

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