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Rafael Nadal and his wife Marie launched new company

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Rafael Nadal and his wife Marie launched new company

Rafael Nadal and his wife Marie launched new company

In the realm of haute parfumerie, where scent becomes an art form, tennis icon Rafael Nadal and his wife Maria Perello have embarked on a fragrant journey with Henry Jacques, resulting in the creation of their signature scents under the evocative collection name, “In All Intimacy.” Discover the inspiration, the essence, and the intimate process behind these three distinct fragrances that capture the spirit of the Mediterranean.

Unveiling “In All Intimacy”: A Collaboration Beyond Bespoke

Henry Jacques, founded almost a century ago by Henry Cremona, has evolved into a bastion of bespoke craftsmanship in the world of perfumery. What began as a quest for personalized scents for Rafael Nadal and Maria Perello morphed into a realization that their olfactory essences deserved to be shared with the world. “In All Intimacy” was born out of this collaboration, a collection that intertwines personal memories and emotions into aromatic symphonies.

Maria Perello: A Fragrance of Happiness

Maria Perello’s fragrance, aptly named after herself, is a celebration of joy and happiness. Drawing inspiration from her cherished memories, this scent is a delicate blend that is both fresh and sophisticated. It exudes a soft yet enduring aura, offering a sense of elegance and youthfulness. Maria’s perfume is designed to be a companion for the entire day, subtle yet impactful.

Rafael Nadal and his wife Marie launched new company

Rafael Nadal’s Dual Essence: No. 1 and No. 2

Initially seeking a single bespoke fragrance, Rafael Nadal found himself on a divergent path that led to the creation of two distinct scents—No. 1 and No. 2. No. 1 embodies freshness and lightness, tailored for his moments on the court. In contrast, No. 2 carries a bolder and zestier character, reserved for off-court endeavors. Both fragrances resonate with Rafael’s lifestyle, offering a duality that mirrors the facets of his personality.

Mediterranean Roots: Olfactory Memories of Home

All three fragrances pay homage to the Mediterranean and Mallorca, the cherished home of Rafael and Maria. The scents encapsulate the freshness and warmth of their island, creating a poetic connection with the olfactive memories of their beloved surroundings. The collaboration with Henry Jacques brought to life fragrances that echo the essence of their shared home.

Maria Perello on the Evolution of Her Relationship with Perfume

For Maria Perello, fragrance has always played a crucial role in her daily life. It’s a confidence booster, an integral part of her routine, and a reflection of her identity. However, despite wearing various perfumes over the years, she never found one that fully resonated with her until now. Her bespoke Henry Jacques perfume has become a source of comfort, elegance, and unbridled joy, aligning seamlessly with her essence.

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Crafting the Essence: Maria Perello’s Fragrance Development Journey

Embarking on her first fragrance creation experience, Maria Perello found the process enjoyable and enriching. Crafting a bespoke perfume became a journey of introspection and self-discovery, requiring a deep dive into her personality, memories, and emotions. The collaboration with the Henry Jacques team was marked by genuine expertise and a commitment to bespoke craftsmanship. The result—a beautiful perfume that she is proud of, one that authentically represents her.

Closing Thoughts: The Beauty of Bespoke Perfumery

Maria Perello’s journey with Henry Jacques highlights the importance of time and dedication in creating something beautiful. The bespoke process revealed the fascinating world of haute parfumerie and its limitless creative possibilities. As fragrance becomes a form of self-expression, the collaboration between Maria Perello, Rafael Nadal, and Henry Jacques stands as a testament to the artistry and intimacy that can be achieved through scent.

In conclusion, “In All Intimacy” not only signifies a collaboration between renowned personalities and a prestigious parfumerie but also encapsulates the essence of personal stories, memories, and the timeless beauty of bespoke fragrances.

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